Keep your muscles in optimum condition for the race

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The benefits of sports massage are why so many runners and athletes build a treatment session into their regular training programme.

The Chart Clinic can offer Half Marathon training support with sports & remedial massage therapy.

Regular massage will help you to maintain your muscle tissue in peak condition, making sure that they receive adequate nutrition via unimpeded blood flow and circulation. This helps keep your body in optimum physical and mental form.

The benefits to runners

The following benefits of sports massage are why so many runners and athletes build a treatment session into their regular training programme:

  • Regular massage promotes healthy muscles fibres, encouraging circulation of blood. Deep tissue massage releases tension’s within muscular tissues, allowing fresh oxygen and other nutrients to flow freely and enable a rapid recovery from training runs.
  • Your lymphatic system (the body’s drainage network) relies heavily on physical movement and pumping to help drain lymphatic fluid and toxins out of your body. The heart has minimal impact on pumping this fluid so a deep sports massage not only relaxes the contracted and shortened muscles, it will aid the drainage that helps muscular repair and recovery.
  • Previous injury? It is likely that you will have a build up of scar tissue. Recurrent massage treatment is a useful measure to help target and break down scar tissue at these old injury sites, creating a positive affect in the performance of the muscles, helping you train with more flexibility and less restriction.
  • Massage promotes the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘pain killers’. This boosts your mental state, calms any anxieties as well as reducing post run muscular soreness.
  • As well as treatment, Chart Clinic therapists are trained to recognise imbalances within the body and give you practical advice, exercises and stretches to help you maintain and improve your muscular and joint condition.

When should I have a sports massage when training for a half marathon?

To complement half marathon training some runners prefer to schedule a massage on a lighter training day to allow their therapist to work deep into the muscles and letting your body recover in time for a longer run.

Others like to have a massage before their long run to invigorate and prepare, and some schedule their treatment the day after to stimulate recovery.

It is especially important to up your sports massage treatments as the mileage increases, in the last 6- 8 weeks we see our runners on a weekly basis and in the week afterwards for that all important post race massage.

James Clapham
Chart Clinic