Brooks Adrenaline - Run Happy

Brooks Adrenaline – Run Happy

Whether you’ve already signed up for the 2017 event or you’re just getting the miles in every so often, those steps should be in comfort. If you have signed up or are thinking about your next challenge, there’s a decent amount of training ahead so we recommend visiting a specialist running retailer who can help you find the right shoe for you.

On visiting the store, the retailer will assess your biomechanics to help narrow down the wide array of running shoes that may be suitable for you. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the different styles and colours, the store staff are there to help you find a perfect match.

Your run is unique, just like you. At Brooks we look at a few key areas of movement that culminate in your Run Signature. Firstly, we’ll look at your biomechanics and how your body naturally moves. This gives us a nice starting point to work from before we look at how your body is moving whilst running. Any changes that occur between the two is where we will focus to help us consider what type of stability could be suitable for you to enjoy the run as much as possible.

Whilst in the store, the retailer will likely bring out a few different brands for you to try. One of these may be Brooks. We’re a running specialist brand who deal solely in running and we’ve been around for 104 years so you’re in safe hands. From here, it’s all down to you and what you want from your shoe. That may be something with as much cushion under the foot as possible or something a bit springier, maybe even something a bit more connected and in tune with the ground or just something that feels fast? We can’t tell you what would be best for you as ultimately, only you know what feels comfortable on your foot and that is the absolute key factor when choosing a shoe.