Run Reigate Run Club - Week 5!

Training Session

Another fabulous session yesterday evening for our Run Reigate Run Club! 60 or so runners, and so lovely to see some familiar faces from previous weeks!
After completing our usual warm up, focusing on the key muscle groups, we headed off round the park to get some clear open space. Yesterday evening we upped the intensity and really pushed you all hard! The drills were doubled (doing one type of drill, then immediately into the next drill). This was followed by a short jog then a sprint, beyond race pace, back to the start.
We then headed into paired interval sprints with one person doing a strength exercise while their partner sprinted to marked cones. Quick switches in between meant there was little time for rest! We finished off the main part of the session with some HIIT training. Working at maximum effort for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds. The exercises we did were based around the running drills but with a much higher intensity – jump squats, jumps lunges, mountain climbers, push ups to name a few!
Not only is this helping to build strength and increase cardio, but it is also helping with balance, core, stability and endurance. Perfect for all us runners!!
We finished, as always, with our timed run. This week the distance was increased slightly to 1.4km.  We really set a challenge to still try and beat last weeks time. Despite the increase in distance this was completely smashed! Everyone was incredible and really pushed their absolute hardest! The best bit was listening to everyone clap and cheer for every single runner…such fantastic team spirit and a brilliant running community!

Well done to everyone that attended. Once again, a huge thank you to our amazing coaches that led the session – Cat and Sarah from Team Mama and Jonny from The Fitness Zone.

With only 3 more Run Reigate Run Club training sessions left in preparation for Intersport Run Reigate, there is still time to attend! These sessions are perfect training for the Intersport Run Reigate Half Marathon, 10k or 5k.