Run Reigate Run Club

By 1st August 2018Race Training, Training

Week 3 

Our fantastic Run Reigate Run Club for the Half Marathon, 10k and 5k continues to grow in popularity. What a turn out last night in Priory Park! Our varied training plans help strengthen and build up on that endurance.

We went straight into a small jog to get the body warm before working on our strength movements with lunges. We then followed onto some basic running drills to really get everyone warm and ready for the main bulk of the session.

With everyone limbered up and ready to go the group was split up in to two for our ‘Hill Sprints’. The Run Reigate 5k group were taking the sprints at their own pace with a gentle jog/power walk back. The Run Reigate 10k and Run Reigate Half Marathon group were sprinting up, taking walking lunges down then finishing 10 squats before repeating.

All groups were doing 10 rounds with great enthusiasm, effort and support. Everyone had worked extremely well to push themselves and step out of their comfort zone to make sure they develop mentally and physically.

We had a small break to recover. Next we went straight into 1 minute squats with a down hill sprint. Then 1 minute lunges and into a hill sprint for 2 rounds of each. Those that were a little stronger were holding a static squat for the timed duration and everyone definitely pushed themselves with perfect form.

Next, we took a gentle jog down to our timed 1k run with an amazing improvement by all for time. Everyone with mixed abilities and capabilities did so well. We were so proud of what everyone achieved and you all should feel proud too! The whole group were supporting one another and motivating everyone who had finished their 1k run with cheering, clapping and sheer motivation.

We finished off with strength exercise for your core, quads, glutes and shoulders then into a cool down with stretches.

Again, a massive thank you to everyone who attended week 3 of Run Reigate Run Club. A huge shout out to Jonny Felix from Fitness Zone for leading this session with such energy and support for all.

See you next week team for another FREE session and its not too late for newbies, especially those taking the Run Reigate 5k journey or new to running, so bring a friend along. Tuesday, 7:30pm, Priory Park Reigate, see you there!