Intersport Run Reigate Run Club - Week 2

Run Club - Week 2
Run Reigate Run Club

Last night was the second Intersport Run Reigate Run Club session in Reigate Priory Park. We were thrilled to see so many of you there despite the heat. We had a fantastic time and was joined by Reigate Ladies Joggers, Ben Short from Personify Fitness, Simply Sports and On for their Try ON session.

Ben Short shares the 3 key elements taken from last night’s session:

  • Foot strike awareness
  • Specific strength & conditioning
  • Sprint finish tactics

Am I a heel striker, mid foot and forefoot runner? (not 4ft runner, Dave Kelly!)

As a result which muscles tend to be overworked and (under highest risk of injury?)

Heel strike: Quadriceps (Knees)
Mid foot strike: Gluteals (Hip flexors)
Forefoot strike: Calves (Achilles)

Roll out calves or quadriceps
Glute ball or thumb to the main area of Glutes (avoid doing this in public!)

Specific strength exercise discussed (move up levels when 3 sets of 7 reps feels comfortable):

Heel strike:
Level 1: Partial lunge
Level 2: Full lunge
Level 3: Jumping lunge

Mid foot strike:
Level 1: Partial squat
Level 2: Full squat
Level 3: Single leg squat

Forefoot strike: Calves (Achilles)
Level 1: Roll on toes and hold for 2 seconds
Level 2: Calf raises on step
Level 3: Bunny hops pushing off toes or Single leg calf raises on step

For more information on exercise technique, watch and subscribe to the Personify Fitness YouTube channel here:

Sprint finish tactics:

Use the element of surprise to decide when you initiate the sprint, time this well and back yourself to maintain that pace to the finish. Complete effectively and you can gain as much as 15 metres on your competitors as you approach the Run Reigate finish line. Winner winner chicken dinner.

We hope whether you were at our session or not you can take something new from this post that can reduce muscular injury risk and push you on to achieving your running goals.

Thanks for reading.
Ben Short

We hope to see you all again next Thursday for Run Club – make sure that you are registered for Intersport Run Reigate 2019 to be part of it!

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