Intersport Run Reigate Run Club - Week 1

A great first of 8 Run Reigate training session for summer 2019. Run Reigate, Reigate Ladies Joggers and Team Mama loved training you last night. We really hope you enjoyed the session and continue to enjoy your journey in the next 8 weeks as Run Reigate approaches. You all did so well and we look forward to seeing you for the future sessions and on Race Day itself.

Each week will be different but have similar themes in that we will warm up, cool down and end with the 1km race section. We will also be working in groups depending on if you are doing the 5km, 10km, or half marathon races to allow for different paces and abilities to train as required.

This week we started with a warm up which was a great way of getting your muscles all ready for the session ahead. We then moved over to do run strengthening exercises combined with short sections of jogging and sprinting. Section 3 was working in pairs and introducing a hill element and some static strength work exercises. We finished the main session with a 1km runaround the lake ending at the actual Intersport Run Reigate finish line. We will do this each week to try and knock a few seconds off your time. The aim is that it will then feel comfortable and you will feel strong and confident finishing on race day.

Thanks so much for coming, please do join us next week when we will have On Running and Intersport Simply Sports joining us as well. Invite your friends and family along too and be sure to register your place for Run Reigate. Happy Running.

#RunAsOne #RunReigate2019