Charity Fundraising Top Tips

This blog has been written by Susy Moore, Communications Manager at Stripey Stork. Stripey Stork have been one of Run Reigate’s charity partners from the very beginning, always maximising the opportunities which Run Reigate brings and encouraging their fundraisers to do the same. We asked them to share their top charity fundraising tips for our runners, so here they are…

Run Reigate is our biggest charity fundraising event of the year, last year we smashed our most ambitious target to date and raised an amazing £13000, with 88 runners of all different ages giving it their all.

If you’ve decided to run for charity, or are considering charity fundraising this Run Reigate, here’s our top tips for making it as successful as possible.

1.Use an online fundraising platform – at Stripey Stork we use Localgiving. This links directly to our charity, but also gives our fundraisers the flexibility to create their own fundraising page. Ask your charity if they have a preferred platform they’d like you to use. They may even have instructions on how to create your own page, see ours here.

Using an online platform makes it so much easier to manage and share your fundraising page with friends, family and colleagues. You can centrally make updates and thank everyone after the event. No more fiddly sponsorship forms, but if you do receive offline donations then Localgiving has the option to add these to your grand total.

2. Tell your story – we can’t stress this point enough, let your potential supporters know WHY you’re running for your chosen charity. Do you have a personal connection with the charity? Have you been a beneficiary before? Have you seen first hand the good which it does? What does the challenge mean to you? The best stories are those which come from the heart, and remember to try and capture the reader’s attention in your first sentence.

Be clear about what you’re raising money for, even if it’s general funds for keeping the charity up and running, these are just as important. Your charity may have some examples on their website or fundraising platform of how money raised could be used.

3. A picture paints a thousand words – use a smiley photo of yourself, in training and branding yourself with a charity T-shirt or equivalent if possible. You may have a photo from a previous Run Reigate you can use. The more photos the better; fundraising pages raise 14% more per photo added.

4. Aim high – set yourself a realistic target, but one which isn’t going to be too easy to achieve. At Stripey Stork the minimum Run Reigate sponsorship target for adults and children is purposely set at a realistic amount, £100 and £25 respectively. We want to encourage as many supporters as possible to join Team Stork; it’s also about raising awareness and engaging with our charity.

When you reach your target, you may feel like you can push even further so increase your target accordingly.


5. Be creative – think of interesting ways to encourage people to make a donation or donate a little more, such as “if I reach my target then I’ll run in fancy dress”.

6. Encourage others to join in – Ask colleagues, friends and family if they’d like to take part too. Sometimes all it takes are the words “I will if you will”. An added benefit is that you can train together. You could even fundraise together too, instructions to do this for Localgiving are included in our fundraising instructions. But, remember to adjust your target according to how many are on your team.

7. Sharing is caring – as well as sharing your fundraising link with friends and followers, ask others to do the same. Social media has made this so easy, and they may not have even considered this is another way in which they can help you.

Don’t forget to use all tools at your disposal; email and WhatsApp are great platforms too.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask, especially if you aren’t a serial fundraiser. Your friends and family will most likely want to support and encourage you through sponsorship.

8. Gift Aid it! Include a note to encourage your supporters to add that all important gift aid. UK tax payers can add an optional 25% to their donation, at no extra cost to them.

9. A match made in heaven – don’t forget to ask your employer if they offer match funding. Many larger companies have this as an employee benefit, up to a certain amount and as long as it’s for a registered UK charity, so it’s always worth asking.

10. They think it’s all over, and it is now – make sure you follow-up with your sponsors after the event, as not all funds come in beforehand. It may be the reminder they need for someone who’s been meaning to donate but hasn’t got around to it yet.

If this has inspired you to run for charity this Run Reigate, then Stripey Stork still have charity places left and would love to be your motivation, for everything you need to know – click here.

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