Road to Run Reigate

On Running ambassador Kojo discusses elite runner training and getting back on track after injury

I am really looking forward to getting back racing next month at the RunReigate event on Sunday 15th September 2019. I shall be racing 10k and will be looking to return to good form following a succession of injuries.

It has been a frustrating 12 months with three injuries dating back to July last year when first I had Achilles tendinopathy and in February developed an injury to my hip as a result of having weak gluteal medias muscle. More recently I have developed patella tendinopathy of my knee.

My previous race last month, the Night of 10,000m PB’s resulted in a below par performance due to the ongoing injury problems, however, it was nonetheless enjoyable. It had been a struggle to get to the start line but I was determined to maintain my ever present status at 7th edition of this event. Although I got through the race pain free, I became aware very quickly upon finishing that my knee was not happy.

Night of 10,000m PBs

I came to the decision in subsequent days that I needed to take more time off to allow proper repair of the knee. It has since transpired that the problem manifests from significant tightness in the lateral side of my right thigh. Likely to be compensation from the previous injury to my right hip. I am really keen to put to bed this recent injury so and I’ve since incorporated specific exercises that will hopefully prevent relapse to all recent injuries and reduce the risk of new.

Having taken 10 days off I returned to light running two weeks ago completing just 10 miles in total across three runs. By comparison I wouldn’t think anything normally of running 15 miles a day in two runs 6 days a week. The aim now is to allow my knee sufficient time to recover between runs. It’s surprising how slowly my knee has taken to recover and adapt to training loads. I’ve had to be very cautious and patient. Last week I manged 20 miles total with 3 days off and I’m now looking forward to running 30 miles this week.

To assist my adaptation and rehabilitation I’ve made recent visits to my sports therapist who worked specifically on my thighs to release significant tension. A combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release and acupuncture were used to facilitate this. Hopefully all will go well and I’ll arrive at RunReigate confident of a good performance.

Strength & Conditioning             Sports Therapy                        Aqua Jog at the Lido


Training Log

w/b 22th July

Monday                  am 3 miles @ 6:38/mi

Tues                       am strength and conditioning + 20 mins cross trainer

Weds                      am 3 miles @ 6:41/mi         am 50 min aqua jog            pm sports massage

Thursday               rest

Friday                     am 4 miles @ 7:04/mi

Sat                           rest

Sun                          rest

Total                       10 miles


w/b 29th July

Monday                  am 5 miles @ 6:58/mi

Tuesday                rest

Wedsday               am 5 miles @6:35/mi          pm sports massage

Thursday               rest

Friday                     am 6.5 miles @6:40/mi

Saturday                rest

Sunday                  am 3.5 miles @6:27/mi

Total                       20 miles

The day before Run Reigate the weekend will commence for myself and fellow On Running Ambassadors, with an “On Summit”. In addition to key races which On supports, we get together more formally twice a year with the On UK Team. We learn about the company’s plans for the future, technical education of new products, and social media strategies. We also feedback how thoughts about the products, and have an opportunity to suggest changes and additions to the portfolio. I have been proudly supported by On for 3 years, and look forward to representing the team once again in September.