Wagamamas - Japanese Nourishment

Caroline cromar, nutritional therapist and chief growth officer at Wagamama, on how eating Japenese food can help support a healthy lifestyle.

At wagamama, we live by the ethos of kaizen. the art of simple but continuous improvement every day in simple ways we strive to be better than the day before. we apply this ethos in our approach to our team, innovation and sustainability, but especially to our food –

building japanese-inspired recipes with each of the main food groups in mind ensuring you get a great variety of nourishing ingredients into your diet.

Happy food. happy mind |

The traditional japanese diet is thought to be one of the healthiest diets in the world and is rooted in a good attitude to food. as children it is common to be encouraged to eat up to 30 types of food each day to encourage variety, including plenty of vegetables proteins and vitamin sources such as grains, soy and fish. we build our recipes around this balance to ensure you have everything you need to power you through the race.

Eat slowly and communally |

Japanese culture involves eating more mindfully, meaning they take time to enjoy their food at a slower pace, and in a more social setting. this approach is embodied by wagamama’s communal bench seating – perfect for sharing a meal, some conversation (and those training tips!)

Nourishing recipes from bowl to soul |

Harusame glass noodle salads

As well as tasting great this is a balanced salad, perfect for exercise. the carbohydrates are provided by the vegetables and noodles, and the protein from the adzuki, tofu or chicken and vegetables. the salad also features kale, with vitamins A, C, K and manganese. plus edamame, pea shoots and adzuki beans, which are all a source of insoluble fibre.

Kokoro bowls

Kokoro’ means ‘spirit, heart + mind’. these bowls are all under 650 calories and have been created to feed your soul as well as fuel your body. the seared nouc cham tuna bowl features a tuna steak, a healthy source of omega 3 fats and great for mood, memory and cardiovascular health. served with easily digested, protein-rich quinoa and stir-fried kale. the vegan bowl, avant gard’n, created in collaboration with gaz oakley, features barbecue-glazed seitan, grilled shiitake mushrooms – known as a longevity food in japan, and served with a coconut+ sriracha vegan ‘egg’. the coconut in the ‘egg’ offers healthy sources of saturated fat. a medium-chain fat, the body uses it for energy rather than stores it. all of these delicious ingredients sit on a bed of brown rice, known to give sustained carbohydrate boost.

Fresh juices

Full of delicious, raw ingredients, our juices are pressed, pulped and poured fresh for every order. the carrot juice is full of immune-boosting vitamin A, and a ginger kick. Or the power juice, packed with apple, ginger and spinach – one of the best go-to sources for iron, helps transport oxygen around the body and leaving you feeling motivated.