Another huge turn out at Intersport Run Reigate Run Club - week 7

Tonight was my second time taking the Run Reigate running club and I wanted to mix it up a little bit to the last session I took. With good weather and the race looming big numbers were expected and big numbers we got.

So I came armed with my friend and fellow running coach Kevin Quinn who also won last years Run Reigate half in a course record time of 68 minutes. With me holding the 10k course record the session was only ever going to be fast paced!

After warming everybody up we split the group into two where the groups would spend 20 minutes with Kev and me each. My session was 2 sets of 8 minutes running hard at a consistent pace with a 2 minute rest whilst Kev focused on shorter distance speed work. 4 minutes fast, 3, 2, 1 with the rest being half of the time. We spoke about running posture, staying upright, not going too fast at the start and finishing strongly. We then had a stretch whilst Kevin gave away a prize of a month’s training plan and a one on one session to one lucky winner.

Well done to everyone who attended, even in a month I can see some good improvements to last time and with nearly 2 weeks to go the focus should soon switch to turning up on the day feeling fresh and ready to give your best.

Thanks to all those who helped out from the Run Reigate team to the Reigate Ladies Joggers coaches. It’s a lovely group to train and train with every week. Shame that next week is the last one. As someone who trains people in the park every week it would be great to see groups of you training together beyond September. Or if you want to work in a structured group there are so many good, value options out there to choose from not least the various groups who have taken the Run Reigate sessions. See you in 16 days!

Cheers all,

Paul Prothero. Great Outdoor Fitness

Run club

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