Half Marathon Preparation

Legendary endurance runner Susie Chan shares her expert advice to ensure you are race ready for Run Reigate on Sunday 15th September!

You’ve signed up to a half marathon! Congratulations! When you have a medal around your neck, you’ll feel brilliant!

To get to be able to enjoy the race and the finish line feeling, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Follow a good training plan

There are quite a few available, and these off you a structured way to build up miles. It’s safest to do this gradually, adding a mile or so each week. Any large jump in mileage could lead to an injury.

Don’t panic if you miss a session, or get an injury!

It happens. If you are feeling too tired, or simply run out of time and miss a run session, don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal. If you get a niggle, it’s far better to ease up than to try to run through it. There are lots of strengthening exercises available which will help you get stronger, which will help you stay strong during training.

Test things out before

Don’t try anything new on race day, it’s best to stick with whatever you have been wearing or running in during your training. There can be lots of different types of nutrition to choose from also. Test this out on your training runs too.. don’t be tempted at the very last minute to try something that others seem to be using! If things have worked up until now.. don’t change it!

Get a good nights sleep

Rest is so important for runners, it’s when you recover. Try your best to get good sleep in the days leading up to the race too, and taper so your legs are feeling fresh on race day.

Eat well just before

Probably wise to not go out for a Vindaloo the night before! Stick to good carbs and have a good meal the evening before. Don’t forget breakfast on race day, this will help you stay energised into the run.

Finally make sure you enjoy it and savour the achievement! 13.1 miles is a long way to run. It was my first race, and set me on a running journey which has taken me all over the place. No stopping you now! I look forward to seeing you with your medals…

See you at Run Reigate!

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