Indian Summers - Running in warmer weather

The forecast for Sunday is looking warmer than what we usually see in Autumn. We wanted to share with you some of our top tips for running in warmer weather to ensure you have the best experience at Run Reigate.

It is likely to be a cool start, but then to warm up quickly as the day goes on. Anyone running for longer than an hour is see some warm and sunny weather.


It is important to start the day well hydrated to give your body the best chance. Drink little and often the night before the race.

Whilst running, listen to your body: if you feel thirsty then use a drinks stations. If you don’t then don’t force yourself to drink – you’re doing just fine. It would be wise to take some isotonic drinks with you as well, as this helps replace all the electrolytes in your the salt that you lose when you sweat.

You are likely to be sweating out more salt than normal. We would suggest taking isotonic drinks, gels or other boosts that you are accustomed to.  Overloading your body with just water is not wise, so please don’t over drink if you don’t feel you need it.

Pace yourself

Remember to adjust your pace to the conditions. If it is a hot day, your body will work harder than on a cooler day. So listen to your body and slow down if you need to. PBs come and go, but it is far more important to be able to successfully reach the finish in a time relevant to the weather.

If you need a breather, pick a shaded area which is likely to be cooler.

Think about those layers

Remember to dress yourself for the temperatures that it will be by the end, not at the start. People often warm up quickly whilst running, so don’t let the chilly morning fool you into overdressing and overheating.

At any point

If you are feeling unwell, can’t keep your food or drink down or need any advice then please do speak to one of our fantastic medical teams. We’re here to get you successfully across that finish line.

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