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We are excited to be a Run Reigate charity partner again this year. It is an event close to our hearts, especially as it takes place just up the road from our national specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey.

We are delighted to offer more runners the chance to run with us and enjoy the unbeatable atmosphere in 2022!

About The Children’s Trust

We are the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury and neurodisability. We deliver rehabilitation, education and community services through skilled teams who work with children and young people, and their families.

Our national specialist centre in Tadworth is home to the UK’s largest rehabilitation service for children with acquired brain injury, which is widely recognised as a leading centre of excellence, providing the most complex forms of rehabilitation.

We also run a special school in Tadworth for children with a wide range of needs; plus, we have an extensive research programme; and we provide online support for families all over the UK.

Here’s one family’s experience of rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust.

Spike’s Story

Spike at The Childrens Trust

When Carrie’s phone flashed with a call from her teenage son Spike, she thought he would be letting her know what time he’d be home. But when she answered, it was a police officer.

Spike had been going downhill on his skateboard and hit a wall headfirst at around 35 mph. Now he was fighting for his life in hospital.

Thankfully, after 13 weeks and three major operations, Spike was able to come home and could walk, talk and swallow his food.

But although his physical recovery was good, he needed help with the hidden side of brain injury.

As Carrie explains:

“It was as if my 14-year-old boy had gone back 12 years and needed to re-learn everything. He lacked concentration and couldn’t remember things he’d just done. He found it hard to judge what was safe to do and he had no ‘filter’. He would be happy one minute, then angry and upset the next.

“From the very start, the team at The Children’s Trust put a plan in place for Spike, based around what he needed and wanted to do”.

The Children’s Trust specialist rehabilitation team worked with Spike on his cognitive skills – the brain functions you need to do things like reason and remember.

For example, one of Spike’s rehabilitation goals was to ride his bike again. Whilst his memory skills were good and he remembered how to pedal, his brain injury had affected his perception, such as judging distance or steering to avoid obstacles. The therapists worked with Spike to help his brain to rewire and to store this new sequence of small steps.

Carrie says: “Now Spike’s ready to go back to being a teenage boy with a bright future ahead.”

Every year many families feel overwhelmed following a brain injury. Together our experienced team offers all the therapies and treatments children may need to make the best possible recovery.

Run for The Children’s Trust

Whether you fancy a half marathon, 10k or 5k challenge, we would love you to join our Run Reigate team!

One of our previous runners, Jack, says:

“Your support was fantastic and gave us all a real boost. It was an honour to run for The Children’s Trust. The charity means so much to my family – it is such a fantastic school and wearing that wonderful t-shirt would make anyone run faster for longer.”

We want every child and their family to get the help they need.

Your support means that this will be possible for more young people like Spike.

Run for us

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