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Thanks for visiting the road closure page. The content on this section of the website is designed to provide residents affected by race-day road closures with additional information and resources.

Safety is our number one priority on race day (Sunday 20th September 2020), and to ensure our runners and spectators are safe en-route The Intersport Run Reigate Half Marathon and 10k will involve roads being closed on Sunday 20th September 2020.

It’s our aim to ensure we cause as little inconvenience for you as possible, so we’re working closely with Surrey County Council and Reigate & Banstead Borough Council to minimise the time roads are closed for. Most of the affected roads will be closed for varying times between 8.00am and 13.00pm, on Sunday 20th September, and all road closures will be carefully managed by approved Road Traffic Controllers and supported by experienced Race Marshals.

If your road is affected you will have already received notification. If you would like further information please continue reading to find a detailed overview of the road closures including timings

Road Closures

From 08:00AM the following roads will be closed:

  • Clayhall Lane
  • Grove Road
  • Hurst Road
  • Lee Street
  • Lonesome Lane
  • Meath Green Lane
  • Mill Lane
  • New North Road
  • Park Lane East (west of Sandcross Lane)
  • Park Lane – access only from West Street to Green Lane
  • Sandcross Lane
  • Slipshatch Road
  • Whitehall Lane
From 08:15AM the following roads will be closed:
  • A217 Southbound – Bell Street junction with Bancroft Road, leading into: Cockshot Hill and Dovers Green Road
  • A217 Northbound at the Reigate Road Hookwood Roundabout through to Bell Street

* Residents in the Parkhurst Road / Ashdown Road / Delamere Road areas will have access maintained by marshals until 08:30AM

* Residents in the Sandcross Lane / Slipshatch Road areas will have access from Hitchings Way to Meadow Way maintained by marshals until 09:00AM

Please note, the following roads (shown in alphabetical order) will be indirectly affected by the road closures for part or all of the road closure times:

Alexander Road, Allingham Road, Angel Place, Apley Road, Arden Close, Arne Grove, Ashdown Close, Ashdown Road, Baden Drive, Baron’s Way, Bay Close, Bayfield Road, Beehive Way, Blunden Way, Bourne Avenue, Brandsland, Bremner Avenue, Broadhurst Gardens, Bullfinch Close, Castle Close, Castle Drive, Chaffinch Way, Charm Close, Chesters, Church Road, Cinderfield Road, Court Lodge Road, Crescent Road, Crutchfield Lane, Delamere Road, Dene Close, Dovers Walk, Downe Close, Duxhurst Lane, Eastnor Road, Emlyn Road, Flanchford Road, Goldcrest Close, Green Lane, Greenfields Close, Greenfields Road, Hartswood Avenue, Hartswood Sports Ground, Hitchings Way, Horse Hill, Ironsbottom, Kennel Lane, Kingsley Grove, Kinnersley Manor, Kindersley Walk, Knightswood Close, Landen Park, Lime Close, Littleton Lane, Lyndhurst Road, Lynn Walk, Malthouse Lane, Matthew’s Street, May Green Drive, Meadow Way, Meath Gardens, Meath Green Avenue, North Road, , Nursery Lane, Old Pottery Close, Orchard Way, Palmer Close, Parkhurst Grove, Parkhurst Road, Park House Drive, Park Lane East (east of Sandcross Lane), Parsons Close, Pilgrims Mews, Powell Close, Poynes Road, Prices Lane, Priory Drive, Priory Road, Randal Crescent, Sandhills Road, Searle Hill, Sherwood Crescent, Sideways Lane, Smith Road, Somers Gate, Stockton Road, Stuart Crescent, Stuart Road, Summer Road, Tanner Crescent, Tarham Close, The Bield, Todds Close, Vogan Close, Vicarage Lane, Webber Street, Wesley Close, Western Parade, Westleas, Westvale Road, Whitmore Way, Willow Brean and Wither Dale.

Road Re-Openings

The roads will be reopened as quickly as possible as deemed safe by Surrey Highways. The following is a guide of times:

  • 10:00AM A217 reopened in both directions from Woodhatch Road/Prices Lane to Bancroft Road. Please note, there will be no through access from Prices Lane to Sandcross Lane
  • 10:30AM Lonesome Lane to the Lodge Lane junction
  • 10:30AM – 11:30AM Lonesome Lane & Meath Green Lane fully reopened in both directions
  • 11:30AM Lee Street, Mill Lane reopened A217 opened southbound to the Hookwood Roundabout
  • 12:30PM – A217 fully reopened in both directions
  • 12:45PM Sandcross Lane, Whitehall Lane, Slipshatch Road, Clayhall Lane, New North Road and Park Lane East (west of Sandcross Lane)
  • 13:00PM Park Lane fully opened

Residents along the route are encouraged to take to the streets with music, snacks and sweets (Jelly Babies are particularly welcome!) and water for our runners – your support has been a huge highlight for many of the runners that have taken part in previous years.

If you have any specific needs or questions such as social care or medical visits for race day (15th September) please get in touch with the team.